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Media TreeWorks International Company Ltd

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Going Places

In the nine years that Media TreeWorks has been around, the Design and Construction company has gone places completing many multifarious, prestigious projects, both locally. And abroad, in Bahrain and Thailand. “Bahrain, our first overseas venture, is no more on our radar screen, unlike our still flourishing Thai subsidiary set up three years ago,” said Mr Joseph Lim, 43, the Project Sales Director. He is one of its two founders, the other being Ms Joanna Hay, MD.

Explaining why Media TreeWorks took off locally and internationally, she said, “We are both very passionate towards D&C, despite our limited academic background, not being graduates or with long years of experience in this industry. We succeeded as we focused on clients' requirements and satisfaction along with our very customised quality services.” Over these years, from exhibitions, product displays as well as commercial interior architectural structures, both entrepreneurs had also gained many clients who became friends from all walks of life.

“We are both passionate, adventurous and go-getters, accepting risks for their opportunities - with our different personalities complementing each other – he with his gentleness, patience and tolerance, and I with my quick temper and no-nonsense approach,” said Joanna. Ex-colleagues in a previous D & C company, they went jointly entrepreneurial with their experiences. With their versatile, professional staff committed to every aspect of the creative process, the results-oriented company also ushered in a modern approach, like resorting to blogs, for maximizing returns to its marketing efforts.

All these paid off handsomely for Media TreeWorks, netting a few hundred thousand dollars turnover in its first year, and $5m last year.

Singapore projects

A one-stop centre for managing D&C, Media TreeWorks started in its first year by highlighting the health and beauty brands of the Unilever Group at over 30 FAIRPRICE outlets, island-wide. Its regular clients now include the Shaw Organisation and the decade-old Carl Zeiss – noted for its lenses, locally as well as in Thailand. Employing some nine young designers from Singapore and regionally, the company has undertaken all sizes of projects. Including the Indonesian and Brazil Pavilions built yearly over the last three years at NATAS. According to the Brazilian representative, then, the Brazil Tourism Pavilion constructed in February 2011 was their “best one so far.”

Now a permanent Design Consultant to Shaw Organisation, earlier Media TreeWorks had designed a cutting-edge concept fused with comfort and luxury for the modern 3,700 sqm Cineplex which opened at Nex in early December, 2010. Said Mr Mark Shaw, Executive Vice-President of Operations, “There’s no other cinema with as many 3D halls in one location.” The ten cinema halls with a 1,265-seating capacity and dedicated in-cinema lifts for the handicapped are depicted in the hallway with an exquisite and ultra-modern design. The box-office also suggests a vibrant ambience with the beautiful luminous colors of lights changing every second.

Thailand projects

Over the last three years, Media TreeWorks has done “a fair share” of projects like Exhibitions and Interior Architectural. “We expect the market to grow considerably and so make our presence felt here. And be recognised by many overseas clients participating in the trade shows,” explained Joanna, in charge.

Bahrain projects

“In 2006 flying over to Bahrain, after negotiating with the Convention Centre’s Manager, we co-ordinated the over 4,000 sq ft of the Exhibition of MEFTEC - the world's premier financial technology event for emerging markets,” said Joseph. Further projects followed, with a local partner. “Although richer for the experience, a few years ago, we pulled out to manage our other businesses and expansion,” said Joanna, stationed there. “But the company is still in operation by the Bahraini partner, with our name.”


Both Directors are against drawing up detailed plans for Media TreeWorks’ expansion. “For plans are generally no more than a guide. So, we go with the flow of the moment and take whatever is offered,” said Joseph. “Like many entrepreneurs, we are also considering bringing in our own products ultimately, for promoting and utilising them in our work,” added Joanna.

“Enjoy your entrepreneurial journey and the intense job satisfaction that goes with it. Like in our case, when satisfaction comes after designing all the different aspects of a project. And we turn it into a concrete reality through our creativity and hard work.”