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RH Synergy (S) Pte Ltd

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Spreading His Wings Overseas

Mr Roger Phua, 30, the hands-on, restless entrepreneur has always been wanting to expand his business in China. Growing his business single-handedly and single-mindedly, with passion and perseverance, he is now about to realize his dream with his 20 employees. “We have been laying the groundwork for sometime for breaking into overseas markets in China and Taiwan as a Security Design & build Consultant (D&B), having already established our presence in Singapore and Malaysia - with projects undertaken in KL over the last two years.” The MD/Founder of the One-Stop Integrated & Extra Low Voltage (ELV) Total Solution Provider – ‘Your Trusted Partner in Energy Saver and Security Solution' - assured, “RHS will also venture into the markets of Vietnam and Myanmar in the near future.”

Eager to break new ground in the Far East – with his degree of youthful entrepreneurial passion and perseverance, he began to relegate local sales and marketing to one of his Partners last year. “Leaving me free to focus on our company’s overseas expansion and future sales abroad,” said Roger who had graduated in Mechanical and Manufacturing from the University of South Australia, with a Diploma in Mechatronics from a local Poly.

Products & Services

“With our motto, 'Invest with Peace of Mind,’ and 100% referrals, we have already established our local business substantially,” said Roger. Starting RH at home as an One-Man-Operation (OMO), he shifted a year later into 600 sq ft of rented premises at Econ Building in Ang Mo Kio. Three years later, he moved into his present 1,500 sq ft office in Ang Mo Kio Tech 1. Today, the BCA Registered, ISO 9001: 2008 and Bizsafe Level 3 certified company provides some 30-40 items in Surveillance System like CCTV; Access Control; Intrusion Detection; Intercom; ELV Monitoring; Car Park Management; Auto Gate/Barrier; Home Automation; Visitor Management Customised IT Application and Energy Saving Products.

“Two years ago, from a distributor of security products from Taiwan, Korea and Germany, RHS’s elite group of experienced multi-disciplinary consultants in designing and building facilities security solutions started customising these products,” said Roger. “We are committed to protecting our customers' assets and loved ones through innovative technologies and evidence-based practices.”

After developing the Eco Harmonics Electricity Saver Card in 2010 for reducing electricity wastage, last year RH netted over a $1m turnover – from less than $50,000 in its first year. “End of last year, we also bagged our biggest $700,000 project involving a ten-storey building – beginning with a mere $30,000/$40,000 contract in our first year, for selling solutions to a small, private bungalow owner.”

Sincerity and Integrity Also Essential for Success

“However, I still have a lot to learn,” admitted the dynamic entrepreneur. “So when dealing with, especially, older clients, I bank on my sincerity and integrity to reach out for them - while upgrading my knowledge and skills through wider reading.” Since last year, he has also been sending his staff for courses in safety, fibre optics and project management. His regular, expanded clientele now include Stat Boards like CPF and HDB, Ngee Ann Poly and corporate bodies like Cathay Organisation, People’s Association, Hyflux, Far East Organisation, Koh Brothers, McDonalds. And many more…

“Treat clients with respect, and not as cash cows. Make every effort to clear doubts of customers who express unhappiness with your products and services by giving them tangible proof of their quality,” advised Roger who oversees the testing and commissioning of projects in the company. “I always programme and test the monitory systems in the presence of customers before handing them over,” he said, adding, “When crafting the best solutions, we offer customers quality assurance, cost effectiveness, reliability and fast-response support from our qualified personnel.”

After going entrepreneurial in 2006, Roger highlighted his greatest achievement : “To establish bonding with our regular clients, with us since the early days. We have demonstrated our capability and efficiency by meeting their expectations with our outstanding customer service and good relationships.” He and his partners now extend their heartfelt gratitude towards their loyal customers, trusted suppliers and employees, as well as their family members for supporting and encouraging them throughout the years.

The Way Ahead

“Moving forward, RHS journeys to actualise the company's dreams and vision, including investing in our own three-story building. And striving for eventual public listing,” said Roger, very focused in attaining his entrepreneurial goals.

“Think smart and act smart – with passion, perseverance, positive thinking. And a Big Dream spurring you on in your entrepreneurial journey.”